It’s what’s on the inside……..

Every one I know has heard it at some time, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts”.  If you were like me, you rolled your eyes and swore no one understood you.  Most of us heard this in response to our self-criticism of physical attributes.  Our Mother, or some other well-intending individual would try to convince us that our appearance was not as important as being a good person.  While this is VERY true, I want to look at it from another perspective.

Society spends billions of dollars on skin cream, serums, age defying procedures, makeup, diet pills, spanx, lipo, lifts and tucks.  All of this in an effort to look good on the outside.  But what about the inside?

If we were to peel the skin back, how would they look on the inside?  Imagine if the money spent on the things mentioned above, was spent on healthy living instead.  You see, if we focus on making our insides look good, the outside follows.  When we feed our body healthy, nutritious food, it shows!  When we’re active, it shows!

In addition to the obsession with physical beauty, society is also obsessed with food.  Unfortunately, it’s not the nutritious food we crave.  In the age of instant gratification, we want food and we want it now!  Fast food restaurants and companies who crank out processed foods are happy to oblige.  The same person who smears $100/oz serum on their face before bed, will complain that a salad costs $4.00 and a burger only costs $1.00.  Not once considering, if they were to splurge on a $4.00 salad, rather than the greasy $1.00 burger, they probably wouldn’t need the expensive serum.

Currently, in the United States, more than 68% of the population is considered overweight or obese.  Many life-threatening conditions are linked to being over-weight and/or obese, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, high blood pressure, asthma, sleep apnea, gall bladder disease and stroke.  The number one factor in battling obesity is a healthy diet.

When we give our body what it needs to function optimally, it rewards us and shines through.  We’ve all seen that healthy man/woman who just seems to glow, hair seems thicker and shinier, the skin is clear and dewy and their body looks healthy and fit.  This is a side effect of a healthy diet.  While every disease and ailment cannot be cured or avoided by eating healthfully, many can.  In addition, when we eat for proper nutrition we have more energy to exercise, move and live an active lifestyle – which is the second component to looking and feeling good.

While it’s very cliche, it’s true – garbage in, garbage out.  If you’re feeding your body food with little or no nutritional value, it shows.  If you’re feeding your body a diet full of necessary vitamins and minerals, it shows.  So, rather than spending your hard-earned money on expensive products that may or may not give you the results you seek, invest that money in a sure-thing, yourself!  It’s a guaranteed return!

It’s true, “it’s what’s on the inside that matters”!  Focus on being healthy and looking good on the inside – you’ll be rewarded with feeling and looking good on the outside, win, win!




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