It’s been a long time!

Yes, I know it’s been way too long since my last post – my apologies.  The good news is, I’m back on track and excited about it!  So, what have I been doing? Slacking?  Hardly, let me fill you in.

I started my Stay Balanced Yoga business in July 2014.  In addition to the yoga classes I began teaching and the birth of my lifestyle program, “Walk the Walk”, I continued to work my full-time job.  As my business grew, so did the length of my days – I was putting in up to sixteen hours on some days, as well as working on weekends.  While I was working a lot, and business was growing, I felt like I was spinning my wheels.  My passion for wellness, was beginning to cause stress, fatigue and burnout, ironic – I know.  After discussing it with my husband, I decided to leave my full-time job after twenty-two years to pursue my passion – YIKES!

This was an extremely difficult decision, I was leaving a job that afforded my family great health benefits and regular paychecks – stability, for something I love and have great passion for, but was very uncertain.  When I resigned, I cried.  I didn’t understand it at the time – but later likened it to a divorce.  I had spent more than half of my life with this company and these people. I had so many emotions, but I trusted my gut – this was my chance to make a living doing what I love, I could not pass it up.

Three months into my new chapter, I couldn’t be more confident in my choice.  Currently, I am pursing my Holistic Health Degree, broadening my Yoga education and writing an ebook – all while building my Yoga and Wellness business.  I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted, I feel lighter, happier and more fulfilled.  I am most grateful to my husband for affording me this opportunity, without his support I’m not sure I would have ever taken this leap.  I am also eternally grateful for my clients, friends and family, who continue to support and believe in me.

My passion is to help others live their healthiest lives.  I want to give back in a positive, meaningful way.  I feel like I’m on the path that’s right for me, the path that will take me where I’m meant to be.  Are you on the path that’s right for you?  Have you ever explored what it would take for you to get there?  I would love to hear your feedback!