Find your balance

Welcome to Stay Balanced Yoga’s blog!  I have so much to share and no idea where to start –  I guess it’s best to start from the beginning.

The beginning. I’m Jennifer, I’ve been a fitness and health enthusiast for most of my life.  I wanted to be a registered dietitian when I was younger, however I followed my Father’s advice and pursued a business degree.  I graduated from college and found a full time, big girl job at 22 years old.  I had great benefits and could pay the rent, not bad for a young, single girl.  I kept telling myself, next year I will make a shift and pursue career in the healthcare field.  Like everyone else, I had ups and downs, a failed marriage, infertility, the death of a sister and my parents – then one day, I was celebrating my 15 year work anniversary, where had the time gone?  I had lived a healthy life, obtained group exercise certifications, taught fitness classes for the free gym memberships, but never made the “shift” I promised myself I would.

The “shift”.  During the most difficult times of my life I turned to Yoga.  You see, I am not your typical “yogi”,  I am a very “type A’, organized, regimented, everything has a place, everything needs to be in order, stay on schedule type of girl.  I don’t think anyone would have pegged me as a “yogi”, including me, but I really believe it saved me.  When I practiced Yoga it was the only time when my brain would settle down, it was the only time when I felt peace, the only time when I felt like I would be OK.  I was hooked.  I began to expand my wellness knowledge to include a deeper understanding of Yoga and added “Yoga Instructor” to my resume.  Then, I met and married my true soulmate, he couldn’t have been more supportive of me and my desire to help others live longer, healthier lives.

It’s happening!  My husband built me a beautiful yoga studio and “Stay Balanced Yoga” was born.  I continue to deepen my practice and teach several yoga classes a week as well as private and duet sessions.  I teach group fitness classes at two local fitness centers and I obtained my weight management certification from The American Council on Exercise and added a lifestyle program called “Walk the Walk” to my business.

While I still go to the office Monday through Friday, when I come home I’m working on a business I love.  I’ve found my balance and I can help you find yours!

Check in with me daily for articles and information on diet, exercise, health and well-being.  I’ve waited to so long to share what I know, what I’ve studied, what I’ve practiced – here I go, come along for the ride!







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